Our top priority: to be there for you throughout the recruitment process!

Launched in 2019 by PerformanSe, a specialist in soft skills and assessment science with 30 years of experience, WeSuggest is a SaaS solution for identifying and assessing soft skills in recruitment. Our goal is to help large and small businesses make the best recruitment choices based on reliable and objective data.

A step back in time

Over the past few years, we have come to a simple observation: while business practices are changing very quickly, recruitment processes often remain time-consuming and repetitive!

In addition, we quickly realised that there were not scientifically reliable, easy-to-use tools for identifying and assessing a candidate’s soft skills without having specific knowledge in the HR field.

This observation motivated us to create our own platform with one simple objective: to create a science-based recruitment platform designed to help businesses optimise and improve the reliability of their recruitment decisions.

A collective history

We are very proud of our HR software, which evolves over time thanks to your extensive and constructive feedback. Because WeSuggest was designed for you and with you, it is vital for us that you participate in its continuous improvement.

In the past 2 years, WeSuggest has gained over 15,000 users worldwide, and this is just the beginning!

Our beliefs

Indeed, people have their own specific behavioural skills – soft skills – which are an unending supply of resources, both for themselves and for employers.

However, for these skills to be easily identifiable, artificial intelligence, free of any cognitive bias, is needed to reliably detect and evaluate these soft skills.

It is this belief that unites us and drives us forward every day, along with a set of common values:


what makes us go above and beyond every day to offer you a quality solution


we call ourselves into question every day, and are always keen to learn and improve


we never shy away from obstacles


we put ourselves in businesses’ shoes and take their needs and wishes into account

A human-scale team behind a people-centric platform!

WeSuggest is above all a collective adventure ! We work with you every day to build the solution that best meets your needs and to offer you the most qualitative experience possible.

To achieve this objective, The Sales, Development, Marketing, R&D and Administrative teams work hand in hand with the shared goal of growing together and enabling WeSuggest’s growth.

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Marketing Project Manager

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Development Engineer

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Development Engineer

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Business developer

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Business developer

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