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WeSuggest offers a range of features to help you improve your recruitment process.

View your activity dashboard

Create and manage your customised assessment templates

Access a library of ready-to-use templates

Manage and plan the launch of your assessment campaign

Customise the invitation and reminder emails sent to your candidates

Compare your candidates’ results using the matching score

View your campaign results at a glance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an evaluation?

An evaluation is the completion of all questionnaires received by a candidate in a WeSuggest campaign.

Can I test WeSuggest for free before subscribing to a paid offer?

WeSuggest’s FREE offer allows you to benefit from free reviews. Subscribing to a paid offer does not prevent you from using your free reviews.

How does the PRO package work?

Subscribing to the PRO offer is very quick and is done in 3 steps :

  • Select the number of assessments you want
  • Enter the information related to your organisation
  • Pay directly online (credit card or Paypal)

How does the PREMIUM package work?

WeSuggest can be adapted to your specific needs or to a large volume of evaluations. You can also subscribe to the PREMIUM offer if you do not wish to make online payments. Contact us to request a quote.

What are the conditions of engagement of the PRO offer?

The PRO offer is without commitment and automatic renewal. Evaluations purchased online can be used without time limit.

How is online payment security ensured?

We do not store any information related to your credit card and guarantee a totally secure payment. All payments (credit card or Paypal account) are operated by Paypal, an approved online payment solution. Paypal uses an encryption system to secure bank transactions and ensures protection against fraud. To learn more about Paypal’s security measures,please visit their site.

Where can I find my invoices?

For any online subscription, an invoice is systematically issued. You can consult it or download it in your “Payments” area from the “Administration” tab of your WeSuggest account.

What is an administrator?

The administrator is the person in charge of setting up your WeSuggest account at the organisation level. Only administrators can access the organisation’s settings and manage user accounts.

How can I contact your customer service?

Do you need information or advice? Our teams are at your disposal and can be reached by e-mail at contact@wesuggest.io

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