Why choose WeSuggest?

WeSuggest is based on science and features a recruitment matching algorithm that identifies candidates who best match your offer and your criteria!

What is recruitment matching ?

In the recruitment world, matching involves analysing the candidate’s know-how, motivators and behavioural skills and comparing them with the job requirements. Using these behavioural data, the algorithm can then identify the profile with the highest compatibility score.

“More than one in four recruiters believes that finding candidates with the right skills is one of the biggest challenges today.”*

Monster’s Future of Work report, 2021

This is why having a matching solution can make all the difference!

At WeSuggest, we firmly believe that people must remain central to the recruitment process: artificial intelligence is there to support the recruiter, not the other way around.

Analyse thousands of data points

to find candidates who are the best match for the job and your business

Secure your recruitment decisions

by means of reliable and relevant data

The advantages of predictive recruitment

The affinity matching tool offered by WeSuggest offers multiple advantages, which will revolutionise your recruitment process! Thanks to algorithms:

Save time

by selecting the soft skills that best match your job requirements and your corporate culture, based on the recommendations provided.

Digitise your recruitment experience

to improve your employer brand.

Increase the effectiveness of your pre-selection process

by looking further than the CV and assessing your candidates’ soft skills.

Organise higher-quality interactions

with candidates, based on reliable and relevant data.

Objectivise your decision-making

and eliminate the cognitive biases that impair your judgement.

Make job-seeking a positive experience

by enabling candidates to assess their own soft skills in a fun and entertaining way.

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