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Make your recruitments easier and more reliable with WeSuggest, a scientifically reliable and intuitive recruitment platform that adapts to your needs and challenges!

WeSuggest, the must-have recruitment tool for your company

Say goodbye to time-consuming and repetitive tasks! Use the WeSuggest smart assistant to prepare, launch and analyse your soft skills assessment campaigns:

A dynamic dashboard

A dedicated space for your competency models

Assessment campaign management

Results analysis

A summary report

A dynamic dashboard that evolves in line with your business

The information shifts as your business does, making it possible for you to see your latest activities and new platform features at a glance, or to create your next assessment model or campaign in a single click.

A dedicated space for your competency models

Competency models are the foundation from which more personalised and targeted assessments can be built. On WeSuggest, you can create customised models based on the details about the position to be filled! Our algorithm then recommends the most useful soft skills for the job. You can make any changes needed thereafter, or launch your campaign using the custom model.

You can also use one of the four ready-to-use competency models provided.

A module specific to assessment campaign management

With WeSuggest, Excel spreadsheets become a thing of the past! You will find all the information you need for your tracking purposes in the “Assessment campaigns” module.

You can also launch your campaign directly by choosing a competency model for your assessment, then selecting the candidates to be assessed.

You can then either send the assessment questionnaire directly or schedule a send date of your choice, customise the invitation email and set the frequency of reminder notices.

Analyse your candidates’ results

On WeSuggest, you will be able to analyse your candidates’ results using the matching score, which tells you how well the candidate matches the soft skills required for the job.

In the “My Analysis Reports” space, you will be able to compare candidates at a glance, or view a candidate’s individual results.

You can also refine your analysis by filtering the results according to three categories of soft skills: essential, major or ancillary.

A summary report that’s a great starting point for discussion

To enable you to analyse your candidates’ results in depth, you can also download a brief PDF report.

In this report, you will find data and explanatory notes highlighting your candidate’s behavioural preferences, their personal and motivational resources, and their preferred working environments!

Your candidate also receives an excerpt of the report, thus providing them with basic feedback and allowing them to find out more about themselves and their resources.

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