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3 tips to be more authentic in your recruiting and attract the best candidates!

By Laura Maréchal Published on 14 June 2021
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“No one is more hated than the one who tells the truth”, Plato. If it is true that the truth can sometimes be disturbing, there is also the art and the way to be honest and that sometimes makes all the difference! You may have seen or read it, but one of the main expectations in 2021, whether on the side of candidates or clients, is authenticity and honesty… Whether it is through your posts on social networks, your job offers or even during your exchanges with your candidates: being authentic can make the difference with your candidates and for your employer brand. So, here are our 3 tips to apply it during your recruitment processes 👇

Be clear, right off the bat! 📣

Who hasn’t come across this advertisement, looking for the five-legged sheep, but rather vague on the missions of the position or on the Soft Skills required? In addition to taking the risk of recruiting someone who could potentially be bored with the position, you could also receive many applications and not know where to turn… It is then difficult to process all the applications and not to damage your employer brand. In fact, 76% of candidateshave a very bad impression of “ghost” companies, in other words, companies that do not return an application!

Our advice

Take the time to write your job offer well, and clearly indicate what you are looking for, but also what you are not looking for. You can, for example, indicate the Soft Skills that are important for the position based on a recommendation algorithm like the one proposed by WeSuggest. There is no point in trying to recruit a person with all the current leading soft skills, especially if they cannot be used in the targeted position. Moreover, being precise in your offer will allow you to make a first filter on the applications that you will receive and thus to reduce your workload concerning the treatment of these applications.

A watchword: transparency 🤝

Do you expect your candidates to be completely honest? Then make sure you are transparent from the very beginning of the recruitment process. For example, is your process running late? Don’t wait, be proactive and talk to your candidate. This will reassure them and they will feel that they are being given their due. Moreover, it is also an excellent way to establish a bond of trust so that they can open up to you freely. He will not hesitate to express himself freely on his qualities during the interview, or to tell you in all honesty if certain points of the advertisement do not seem clear to him.

Our advice

At WeSuggest, we advocate transparency and exchange at the heart of our platform; therefore, each candidate evaluated through WeSuggest, automatically receives an excerpt of his narrative report. This allows them to learn more about themselves, their resources and levers for improvement, but also to put the recruiter and the recruit on the same level. Finally, sending the report provides the candidate with a first level of feedback, and will allow him/her to better understand the decision taken by HR, whether it is positive or not!

Don’t oversell your offer! 🤩

Companies are placing more and more importance on their employer brand, especially by taking care of their job offers. It is therefore increasingly common to see benefits listed in job offers, or even information about the company’s atmosphere, etc. It is true that candidates are very interested in the company’s values and culture; studies show that 95% of candidates ask about the company’s reputation before applying for a job and this criterion can make the difference if they need to choose between 2 offers. So yes, it can be nice to be able to play table soccer with your colleagues during lunch break, but if you describe a company culture that is not yours, the candidate may quickly become disillusioned during his or her integration, and the effects can be catastrophic!

Our advice

Be sure to be accurate in your description when writing your job ad and to describe your company culture and values as objectively as possible. Before publishing your ad, you can, for example, have some of your employees read it again to get their feedback. There is no point in embellishing what already exists, the candidate will realize this sooner or later… Moreover, the objective of a recruitment interview is to determine whether the candidate is suited to the position, but also to the company culture, and thus to ensure that it corresponds to their expectations. If you do not play the honesty card, it will be difficult to verify this aspect during your exchange with the candidate!

A rejection can be a real source of frustration for the candidate, but if properly explained, it will allow the candidate to know what to work on for future applications, and thus better accept the decision. In addition, ghosting after an interview, which consists of completely ignoring someone after showing interest, is becoming more and more common – sometimes out of fear of giving a candidate honest feedback. But this type of practice can have a real impact on the employer brand as 92% of candidates share their bad impressions with those around them. When you know that today’s candidates may be tomorrow’s customers, it is important to be honest and to take care of the relationship you have with them, right from the first contact!

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