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4 tips to efficiently manage your recruitments without a HRD!

By Laura Maréchal Published on 4 September 2021
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While recruiting new talent is a job in its own right, in small companies (start-ups, VSEs, SMEs), the HR department is often relegated to the background. The recruitment mission then falls directly to the CTO or managers… So, even if their involvement is essential to the success of a recruitment, it is not their main activity. But who are these companies without an HR department? What are the best tips to apply in order to recruit successfully? We give you our 4 tips to build your dream team, even without an HR structure!

Manager, may the force be with you!

It is undeniable that when you launch your start-up or when you are a small company, you do not always have the financial means to invest in an HR structure. But don’t panic! There are some very simple tips to apply to save you time, money and recruit the best people for your team 😊.

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“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

As we have already explained in our ebook “The 7 commandments of becoming a master of remote recruitment” : a recruitment is not improvised! First and foremost, you need to think carefully about the objectives of the recruitment and define the types of profiles you want to recruit, but also those you do NOT want to recruit.

To do this, you can list the tasks that the employee will have to accomplish, and the technical and behavioral skills related to them, paying attention to stereotypes and common sense data. For example: will the candidate have to have good leadership skills to manage a team? A collaborative spirit to cooperate with his team? Creativity to be resourceful? Are you looking to recruit an accountant who must, in view of his or her missions, demonstrate great rigor? As a reminder, more than one third of permanent contracts are terminated before thefirst anniversary. The reason? The mismatch between the candidate’s soft skills and the position to be filled and the unclear expectations of companies. It is therefore essential to think about the activities and tasks to be accomplished in a specific context in order to select the most relevant soft skills!

During this phase of reflection, remember to validate all the HR elements: job title, number of hours, type of contract, salary, etc. This will help you write an attractive and authentic job offer. This will help you write an attractive and authentic job offer. Indeed, the recruitment world is becoming more and more competitive and it is through your job offer that the first impression will be made and that you will be able to seduce the candidate.


“You never know, on a misunderstanding it may work.

To recruit, it is important to be visible and not to remain in the shadows! After writing your job offer and validating all the HR elements, you can publish your ad through job boards such as Monster, Indeed or Welcome to The Jungle. This will allow you to reach more potential candidates and to be more visible.

But sometimes there’s nothing better than going to the source to ensure quality recruitment! If you are looking for a junior graphic designer, why not go to an art school forum? Or broadcast your job offer for a developer position to specialized schools? You can also solicit your network through your company page, but also your personal profile on LinkedIn. The more you communicate, the more attention and attraction you will generate, and thus attract the best profiles!

Finally, if you have received interesting applications in the past, but the timing was not necessarily optimal, keep their contact information preciously and do not hesitate to contact them again when a need arises. It’s important to keep in touch, you never know what tomorrow is made of 😊

“The best way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible.”

Your difference lies in your values and your corporate culture. You have to play on these differences and build an HR story around them to seduce your candidates and make them want to be part of the adventure!

To do this, you can ask yourself a few questions such as: “What made us want to build this company or this project?”, “What are the values we promote?”, “What will this project change? You can then integrate your answers directly into your job posting, or even into the about section of your website.

Remember that being authentic can make the difference in attracting the best candidates and for your employer brand. By communicating your company culture and values, you can attract employees who believe 100% in your project!

“To the infinite and beyond!”

When you start your recruitment process, you need to look beyond the next 3 years. The person you recruit must be able to meet your future objectives, not past problems. To do this, it is essential to ensure that the candidate has the technical skills needed for the position, but also the soft skills to thrive in the position and within the organization!

It is perhaps this step that can be the most complex… Recruitment is not an exact science, and even if trusting one’s instincts can be positive in some cases, there are also many cognitive biases that impact our ability to judge. Therefore, relying on soft skills evaluation tests such as WeSuggest allows you to complete your intuition by freeing yourself from cognitive biases, and to make an objective decision based on reliable data! Thanks to its matching algorithm, you can identify and select the key soft skills for the job, evaluate and compare the short-listed candidates according to their correspondence score between their soft skills and the soft skills required for the position to be filled.

Don’t forget that for equivalent technical skills, it is now the soft skills that make the difference. So, rely on soft skills to find the rare pearl to work with on a daily basis! 😊

“After all, tomorrow is another day!”

Let’s not fool ourselves: when it is not our main function or when we start our own business, we don’t necessarily know where to start recruiting, we don’t have the time to dedicate to it and we put it off hoping to find the time to do it… So, instead of procrastinating, one of the keys lies in organization!

To help you be more efficient, try to block out time in your agenda (15 to 30 minutes), every day or at least every week, to allow you to follow your to-do list. You can set an objective for each appointment, for example, writing the job offer on Monday and Tuesday, publishing it on Wednesday, sorting out the applications received and planning the interviews on Thursday and then preparing for the interview on Friday.

This will allow you to get your head out of the fog and this rigor will also ensure that you don’t miss an essential step in the recruitment process, such as giving feedback to each application received!

So, are you reassured? It is not always necessary to have an HR department to ensure quality recruitment. With the right tools, good communication through the right channels and good organization, you will succeed in recruiting the talent that will flourish in your organization tomorrow! And if this activity is starting to take up too much of your time, try to identify the reasons (hypergrowth that involves many recruiters, or a lack of clarity on decision-making processes, for example) so that you can start thinking about the relevance of creating an HR department. Because yes, if with 5 employees you can successfully manage your human resources, the task becomes immediately more laborious past a certain number of employees. 😊

WeSuggest is a 100% web-based solution dedicated to the identification and evaluation of soft skills during recruitment. Don’t hesitate to test its relevance in your processes by creating a free account 🚀

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