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New WeSuggest design: immediate boarding! πŸš€

By Laura MarΓ©chal Published on 20 September 2021
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After 1 year of relentless work with our passionate teams and in close collaboration with our users, we are proud to announce that the new WeSuggest interface has been released 🀩 ! More intuitive and more aesthetic, WeSuggest’s 2.0 platform adapts to the new problems of recruiters (lack of time, complexity in determining the relevant soft skills to evaluate, difficulty in tracking the progress of evaluation campaigns…) πŸ’« !

✨ A new ergonomics in line with our brand identity…

After 4 years of research to develop our IDEAC competency model, unique on the market and scientifically recognized, we took the time this year to develop this new version of the application, for the sake of consistency and quality.

How did we arrive at this new version? The project was done in several steps: data mining, advice from UX/UI experts, analysis of all your feedbacks and requests to be able to prioritize and build a new version based on YOUR experience: aeration of the pages, simplification of terms, improvement of the user path, harmonization of modules…

WeSuggest has been redesigned to allow you to create your soft skills models, launch your assessment campaigns and analyze your results in just a few clicks.

🎯 But also to the needs of HR

Studies show that 80% of recruiters believe that a candidate’s personality is the first differentiating criterion* during a recruitment. However, one out of three recruiters admit that they know whether or not they are going to recruit a candidate in less than 90 seconds**.

Not all recruitment professionals or managers have the same tools to ignore the cognitive biases to which we are all subject!

This is why, at WeSuggest, we have based our redesign on these elements to offer you the most intuitive and ergonomic platform possible, allowing you to save time and money during your recruitment process!

New, updated spaces 😎

More aesthetic and more ergonomic, each space of the WeSuggest platform has been redesigned to be closer to your expectations and your needs.

A new, warmer visual identity β˜€οΈ

At WeSuggest, one of our convictions is that the human being must remain at the heart of the process. In order to reflect this philosophy on our brand platform and make WeSuggest an application that resembles us, we have also completely rethought our visual identity. The colors and illustrations of WeSuggest have evolved to put the human at the heart of the platform, and bring a benevolent side in line with our values.

Say hello to your new dashboard πŸ‘‹

The homepage of the platform has been transformed into a real dynamic dashboard, which evolves according to your activity! From now on, when you log in to your personal space, you will find a global view of your recent activities and the latest news related to the platform. You will also be able to directly take action by creating your own templates, campaigns or by using the ready-to-use templates made available to you from this space. Because together we are stronger and because your feedback is a priority for us, we have also integrated a module allowing you to send us directly your remarks, needs or wishes whenever you want!

Pages with identical operation βœ…

The functioning of each module, appreciated by our users, has not been modified and remains identical. Also, on each module you will find the history of your models or created campaigns that you can sort or filter by creation date or by status. You then have a button allowing you to start the creation.

If the functioning remains the same, we have however done a lot of work on the ergonomics and the design of each screen of the platform. The goal? To offer you the best user experience by allowing you to navigate freely on the platform with airy, intuitive and modern spaces.

Easy access to your candidates’ matching scores πŸ“Š

Many of you have asked us for it and we have listened to you: from now on, the matching scores of your candidates are visible as soon as you have selected your report. You will be able to see the average of your campaign, the distribution by motivators and compare at a glance the matching scores of your candidates, before being able to move on to the individual analysis of their results by clicking on the first and last name of the profile.


This redesign was the result of many months of collaborative work between the developer, sales and marketing teams, but also and especially with YOU. Your feedback has allowed us to improve and build a version closer to our values and philosophy. And this is only the beginning! At WeSuggest, we are constantly looking for innovation and improvement to offer you a platform that evolves at the same pace as your practices! With this new platform, you have all the keys in hand to optimize and make your recruitments more reliable, while focusing on the company’s primary resource: people. Do not hesitate to send us your feedbacks or comments by sending us a short note at feedback@wesuggest.io

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