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Step 1

Identify the soft skills relevant to the job

The WeSuggest algorithm takes into account your specific circumstances and needs (position to be filled, business sector, key activities), and, on that basis, tells you which soft skills you should look for in your candidates and suggests the psychometric test best suited to you. Creating competency models has never been easier!

Step 2

Launch, manage and track your recruitment campaigns

Revolutionise the way you track your recruitment campaigns: assessment questionnaire sending, reminders to candidates, campaign progress measurement, etc. WeSuggest contains everything you need to keep up with your recruitment campaigns. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks –  our assistant handles everything!

Step 3

Analyse your candidates’ results at a glance

After each assessment, you can view your candidates’ results from your WeSuggest space. In just a few clicks, you can access your candidates’ profiles and compare their results using our matching tool.

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Why choose WeSuggest?

Your best ally in recruiting the right talent!

Fortify your gut instinct…

Use soft skills assessment tests to reduce the impact of cognitive bias, make objective decisions and recruit the best talent.

With WeSuggest, draw on science to assess soft skills!

After two years of R&D, our teams have developed a scientifically approved competency model that is unique on the market, enabling you to assess the 40 key skills of the future.

Save time and boost your efficiency!

Easily identify the soft skills to look for in candidates, compare their results at a glance, and automate certain tasks.

Give your candidates a unique experience…

Make job-seeking a positive experience by helping candidates know themselves better and match their soft skills to the job in a fun and entertaining way.

Focus on the essential with data mining!

Using our recommendation algorithm, build an assessment questionnaire tailored to your business and its specific requirements.

WeSuggest also integrates with your favourite ATSs

To optimise your experience, you can also use WeSuggest in popular ATSs as Recruitee, Flatchr or Tool4staffing !

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